1. Upon signing this contract the crafter agrees to a six month lease, and after completion of the six months, rent may continue on a month to month basis. 

The first month rent is due upon signing this contract.  Rent is due and payable by the 15th of each month thereafter. 

Rent will automatically be deducted from your sales if ‘Yes’ is checked above.

If rent is not paid by the 22nd of the month, there will be a $15.00 late fee and checks for items sold will not be released until rent is current. 

Crafters will give 30 days written notice to management for termination of booth rental, in person or by mail, to be effective the 10th of the moth following the 30 day period.  Management may also give a 30 day notice to crafters.  All items must be removed by the 10th day of the month.  There will be a $25.00 charge if management removes the items from your booth after the 10th day of the month.

2. Proceeds from sales can be picked up on the 15th of the month (unless the 15th falls on a Sunday, or legal holiday, then it will be the next working day).

3. There will be a 5% charge back to the crafter for sales charged on Visa, MasterCard or Discover.

4. Price tags will be supplied by management.  Price tags will indicate Booth #, description of item and price.  Price tags must be securely attached to the merchandise.  Any items reduced in price must be stamped with the store stamp located at the counter.

5. For Sales Tax purposes, all items sold will be recorded at the cash register.  No exceptions.  Management will be responsible for collection and payment of Kansas Sales Tax.

6. Decorating, cleaning and maintaining the booths are the responsibility of the crafters.  Management has the right to terminate the lease if the booth space is neglected

7. Management has the right to terminate a crafter’s privileges immediately if these policies are not adhered to.

8. Management and/or owners of the building will NOT be held liable for any property damage or losses and will not provide insurance coverage on merchandise and/or contents.  Management will provide a policy of General Liability.

9. There will be six (6) days designated each year for a 10% discount on all items sold.  Crafters are responsible for the markdown cost.

I have read, do understand and do agree to the conditions of this contract:

Crafter’s Signature:_____________________________________________________           Date:____________________________


Management Use Only

Booth  #_______________

Booth Size _____________

Booth Rent  $___________

Electrical   __Yes __No  $___


Name ____________________________________________________________  Business Name ________________________________________

Street Address_________________________________________________________________________ P.O. Box__________________________

City__________________________________________________________________  State___________________ Zip Code_________________

Home Phone #______________________________    Cell #______________________________  Work #_________________________________

E-mail Address_______________________________________@_____________________   Deduct Rent from monthly sales   Yes____  No____

Name of authorized person(s) allowed to remove items, give notice or mark down prices on your crafts: ______________________________


Craftee Crafters Craft Mall                                                                

1947 N Topeka Blvd., Suite C                                                             

Topeka, KS 66608                                                                             


Georganna Carson, Owner (Management)


Phone:  785.-233-9901      Email: CrafteeCrafters@cox.net

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